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            Sept 20  Sorghum– What is


           Sept 27  Blacksmithing

           Oct 11    Blacksmithing

           Oct 15    Toothbrush Rag Rug

           Oct 18    Blacksmithing

           Nov 1     Soapmaking

           Nov 1     English Paper Piecing 2




Oct 24,25       6:00-9:00

Spirits from the Past


Dec 13         9:00-5:00

A Christmas Celebration



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   The Society of the Friends of Missouri Town 1855 is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1976 to promote and support Missouri Town 1855, a living history village located in Fleming Park in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.


   Our goal is to help preserve our heritage by passing along the culture, lifestyles, crafts and skills indigenous to western Missouri settlers and promote the preservation of mid-nineteenth century Missouri history.


   Charter members of the Friends were key figures in the early developmental phase of Missouri Town 1855. The organization has matured with the site and continues to provide financial and volunteer support to help keep the village alive and relevant — 30 years later!


History is who we are and why we are the way we are.


                                                                                                                     David McCullough

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 Festival of Arts, Crafts and Music

October 4—10:00-5:00

October 5—11:00-5:00

Dear Friends

     I’ve just gotten back from a wonderful retreat in a rustic cabin overlooking the Mississippi River. How good it was to “get away” from the challenges of everyday life in our modern, communication-oriented society! It got me to thinking about the health benefits of stepping back, even for just a short while, from the demands of modern life. Separated from cell phone, computer, and television, I enjoyed long hours of silence and periods of being immersed in nature. I feel rejuvenated and ready to “enter the fray” again, buoyed as I am by remembrance of quiet days and simple living.

     While we all can’t get away for an extended period of time very often, I think it is important to realize how much most of us need quiet times and times of simply “being,” rather than “doing.” It occurs to me that I obtain much the same benefit from spending quiet time out at the Village, immersed in the natural world, and separated from our modern-day conveniences. While it is true that most of us come out to the Village to “do” something, perhaps to sew or cook or otherwise interpret life in the mid-1800s, I think there is always, for me at least, an element of simply “being.” Once I’ve slipped on my period attire and

walked down the lane into the Village, I feel the cares of the world sliding off my shoulders.

I look with “new eyes” at the world that greets me: the sheep pastured on the lawn, the heirloom plants dancing in the breeze, the smell of wood smoke from a chimney. I consciously relax and breathe deeply, happy to be once more a small part of one of my favorite places. Perhaps you have experienced this, too?

     September in the Village will be a relatively quiet time, a good time to experience the renewing benefits of being in the Village. Perhaps you can join the Sewing Circle ladies on a Wednesday or come for an afternoon stroll on a Sunday? Perhaps you’d like most of all to sit at the Tavern and listen to tales of the “old days.” I encourage you to do whatever suits you best!

     The beginning of October will see our annual Festival of Arts, Crafts, and Music while the end of the month is reserved for spookier goings-on at our two-day Spirits of the Past. I look forward to the first event because of the lost arts area, the tantalizing smells of cooking, and the variety of music that draws each one of us in to listen and perhaps dance.

     I look forward to the second event because it is somehow quite magical to be part of something that delights so many visitors and brings out the child in all of us.