Friends of Missouri Town 1855
Friends of Missouri Town 1855

President's Monthly Message

Dear Friends,
The season of new life is upon us! The Village has greened up, the plants in the herb
garden are beginning to grow, and our lambs are arriving, more each day! What a happy
time this is—a perfect time to visit the Village!
Our first event of the season, Children’s Day and Sheep Shearing, took place on a picture-
perfect day, and our visitors had no end of fun! The ropemakers ran out of rope, the boats
for the boat races were all distributed, and, in the Tavern, I ran out of handkerchief doll
making materials. If the crowds that gathered around my table were any indication,
Missouri Town 1855 was full of excited children, eager to partake of the activities of a
bygone era. Parents, too, were excited to be in the Village, many remarking that they had
come there as schoolchildren on spring field trips. The Missouri Town Dancers danced that
day and assisted children as they danced with their colored ribbons around the May Pole.
To all those volunteers who so generously gave of their time and their talents to make this
festival a resounding success, I say, “Thank you!”
As wonderful as it is to be in the Village during a festival, it is, in my humble opinion, yet
more wonderful to be there on a non-festival day when the pace of activity is slower and the
opportunity to visit with others greater. Missouri Town 1855 is such a welcoming place!
The long walk down the drive into the Village is much improved and much easier to
traverse than before. The buildings are just waiting for someone to step inside to “hear
their stories” told through their history, furnishings and artifacts. And their gardens are
just waiting for someone with a heart for flowers to spend some time “prettying up” the
garden beds. As the herb garden is so large, it has been suggested that we “adopt” a part of
the garden as our own to weed and care for. That seems to me to be a beautiful suggestion,
opening up the herb garden to many more people who will be able to effectively interpret it.
If you are interested in a part of the garden, see Judy Rains and let her know of your
How would you describe the Village on a quiet day? Descriptive words that come to me are
“quiet,” “serene,” “peaceful,” “contemplative,” and, of course, “inviting.” I always feel
inspired when I set foot in the Village, remembering the men and women who once
inhabited these buildings and (hopefully!) loved them as we do today. What stories they
can tell if only we slow down and open our hearts to them! I am always touched by the
Settler’s Cabin, given as a wedding gift to Armilda Dalton by her husband Samuel Luttrell.
When I enter the door of that humble cabin, I marvel at the love that brought the cabin into
being and the life that filled it to the brim!
Do you have a favorite spot in the Village? If you are the stalwart type, perhaps yours is
the beautiful Squire’s House up the hill from the main street of the Village. If you haven’t
walked up in a while, now is the time to take in its delightful parlors and kitchen and
bedrooms. If yours is the Woodworker’s House, be advised that a formidable groundhog has
taken up residence in the vicinity and may make his appearance in an attempt to scare you
This month I’d like to invite each of you to spend just one day, perhaps just a few hours, in
the Village, taking in its sights and sounds and letting its stories inspire you!
Wishing you health and happiness as always!
Jean Loughran
President of the Society of the Friends of Missouri Town 1855

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Lee's Summit, MO 64064
Contact: 816-229-8980
Missouri Town Admission Cost: Adults $7.00; Youth (5-13) and Seniors (62+) $4.00; Under 5 Free
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