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Gabriel and Elijah, my twin 6-year-old grandsons attended summer school during the month of June at their local school, Cordill-Mason Elementary, in Blue Springs. Each day they brought home art projects: a picture of “Under the Sea,” an octopus, a starfish, a shark on a string, a deep sea diver. It soon became apparent that the theme for the month-long summer school was “life under the sea.” Two of their many projects have given me much joy: a picture of “life under the sea” complete with crab, starfish, shark, fish, sand and sea grass, and a little blue baleen whale made of construction paper. The first I have framed and hung in my hallway at home. The second sits in my meditation spot near my bed.

Why did the little blue whale end up in my meditation spot? It is because of the conversation balloon attached to its mouth. It says with endearing kindergarten spelling “I am a WL” and “I lv to b a WL.” Every time I notice the little whale, I smile at its message. I am what I am and I love to be just exactly what I am! How many of us need to hear that little reminder?! How many of us spend too much time each day or week comparing ourselves to others around us and finding ourselves coming up wanting?

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